Full disclosure: I am an official product demonstrator for Pioneer DJ USA. This video is not a review, but a demonstration and presentation of the features of the product. While I do work for Pioneer DJ, this video is NOT a paid or an official video from the company. Any opinions I share are of my own and not necessarily representative of the company’s. For official content on the product, please visit Pioneer DJ’s website or YouTube channel.

Table of contents
0:00 Intro
1:24 Find them here
1:54 Processor
2:39 Build Quality
3:42 Built for the Pro DJ
4:54 NEW Display
7:35 NEW Waveforms
8:40 NEW Harmonic Key FEATURES
10:52 NEW Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity
12:07 Why USB 2.0?
13:18 TWO dedicated Auto-Loop buttons
14:45 NEW dedicated Beat Jump buttons
15:57 Consolidated Touch/Release knob
17:25 NEW dedicated 8 RGB Hot Cue buttons
20:49 REDESIGNED Jog Wheel
26:32 HID mode DJ software support
29:38 NEW Preview functions
33:34 Song loading time
35:19 Sound quality/DAC
46:11 Included accessories


Phil Morse’s review

DJ Ravine’s comparison between CDJ-3000 and CDJ-2000NXS2


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