Whether you’ve seen Kenny Beats in person, on social media, or through his hit YouTube show The Cave, he’s always got the attitude and demeanor of someone who knows how to have a good time. He’s great at creating one, too: as a producer for artists like Vince Staples, 03 Greedo, Rico Nasty, JPEGMAFIA, Key!, Freddie Gibbs, and many more, Kenny Beats has been a key player in rap’s new generation.

The latest FADER x WAV Present Frequencies mini-doc reveals how he got there. Behind his success is his management and creative collective D.O.T.S. Together, they’ve made The Cave a massive success, thrown sold-out rap shows across the country, and worked on documentaries and music videos. The wisdom offered by D.O.T.S. begins with the name, an anagram of “Don’t Over Think Shit.”

There’s no goofing off in the doc. Filmed over a day in Los Angeles, Kenny links up with Zack Fox for tacos and records an episode of The Cave with Danny Brown. But it’s not “work” per se, and that’s a key to Kenny’s success: “I just think of myself like, how can I alleviate all of the tension that this person is facing when they make music, so that when we make music, it’s fun.”


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