Marshmello made a huge impact this weekend as the first musical act to play a concert inside the wildly-popular video game Fortnite. It’s been noted that Fortnite has more than 200 million registered players, about 80 million of which are active each month. There is a social aspect to the game, which is what Marshmello tapped into with his virtual performance, and the masked DJ/producer is still raking in the social media benefits.

Marshmello already had a huge following on YouTube. His “Alone” music video passed the billion view mark in October 2018, and his popular cooking and gaming video series tap into all kinds of interests. According to Jose Arroyo at LinkedIn, Marshmello’s YouTube views grew by 500 percent following the Fortnite performance. He also saw an increase in his subscriber count by about 1,800 percent.

“For the month of January, Marshmello was averaging about 37,000 new YouTube subscribers per day, and about 7.8 million YouTube views per day,” Arroyo writes. “Those numbers skyrocketed over the weekend. On February 3 (one day after the Fortnite concert) Marshmello gained 699,000 new subscribers (nearly a 1,800% increase from his previous daily gain of 37,000). He also amassed over 42.8M YouTube views, an increase of about 500 percent from his January average of 7.8 million views per day.”

Arroyo also notes that Marshmello gained 147,000 new Twitter followers, an increase of 2,000 percent, while his Twitter mentions went up 1,000 percent. He thinks we may see more of these types of concerts and cross-platform promotions from other musical acts, if not celebrities and athletes due to the obvious upside.

Songkick, the web-based retailer for live event and concert tickets, did its own investigting when it saw the wild Google spike for Marshmello ticket web searches and published its findings on Medium. Marshmello’s Fortnite show sparked huge interest in seeing hit set back in the real world. Sunday, the day following the concert, was his most single biggest search day on the platform.

He became the most searched act on Songkick sine the stream, two times as many views as international phenom BTS. His page took a 3,000 percent view increase, a spike that has yet to fall. His searches alone would be enough to fill a sports stadium.

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