Colombian reggaetonera Karol G floats between styles on this wistful Miami set with the breeziness of a pop star who knows no boundaries – or maybe it’s the calculus of an artist who has built a career on subverting them. Her personal, unapologetic flourish has allowed her to top the Billboard charts of a genre with limited female participation, and even less superstardom.

Her signature bichota energy is subtle, yet pervasive in her stripped-down Tiny Desk (home) concert. Flanked by an illuminated all-women band, Karol G’s authentic command of the intimate moment and its intended audience is unmistakable. She’s stepping down from atop the glossy sets and sparkly stages to share secrets — lessons learned during her sudden ascent about humility, grace and empowerment — with the millions of niñitas who will watch this concert, enraptured by her effortless confidence and smooth Spanish bars.

Without a doubt, Karol G strikes a perfect balance here of vulnerability and star power, taking us on a journey through her many iterations. She deftly moves from a ballad-like rendition of urbano mash-up “Créeme/A Ella” to a soulful performance of trap corrido “200 COPAS” (her proclaimed favorite song at the moment) with Mexican Regional cariño Danny Felix. Closing with a first-ever live performance of the dreamy duet “CONTIGO VOY A MUERTE,” she marks the end of the concert with a nod to her roots. Intertwined with fellow Colombiano Camilo, Karol G expresses gratitude and pride; she is the unguarded depiction of a superstar eternally enamorado with her fans and her country.



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