We all know Martin Garrix was a teenager when he first blew onto the scene with 2013’s “Animals,” but it’s a strange thing to see just how baby-faced he was those four years ago in relation to the young man we know today. We get a glimpse back into those early days in the season 2 finale of his tour vlog The Martin Garrix Show, which reminisces on his first trip to Ibiza with his buddy and collaborator Julian Jordan.

The two tell a fun story about how the young Garrix ran off from his management and refused calls from his parents, as his first 20 hours on the island turned into what he calls the best night of his life. Maybe one day we’ll get the full story. Watch old footage of one of his first performances ever, then realize just how quickly his career took off. The shows got bigger with breakneck speed. You can also enjoy his team wondering what takes him so long to get ready for each show. Some things never change.

As well, we hear how his photographer Louis van Baar got roped into his first full summer in Ibiza with the clothes he’d packed for what was meant to be a one-day trip. That summer turned into a year and, now, four years of near non-stop touring. It’s wild how one’s life can change in an instant when you take the right leap.

This is all just the beginning and the episode ends with Garrix’seturn to Amsterdam as a hometown hero. It’s a big finish to the season finale. Hop on board his wild ride and live the Garrix lifestyle above.



Drew Pierce

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