Young Thug caused a stir last week when he shared the cover for his JEFFERY project, which featured the Atlanta rapper wearing a flowing, gender-neutral garment by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone. Thug, who is a mentor on VFILES’ upcoming fashion panel, stopped by the offices recently with his fiancée, Jerrika Karlae. Upon seeing the garment for the first time, Thug comments that it reminds him of Sub-Zero, a character from Mortal Kombat. Trincone submitted the piece as part of the fashion competition in which Thug is participating.

Garfield Larmond, the photographer who shot the JEFFERY cover, told The Fader that Thug was instantly drawn to Trincone’s garment: “He saw the piece in New York, and said immediately, “I want that for the cover.” Like, there was no thought about it. He just saw it and knew he wanted it.”

[via fader]



Drew Pierce

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