After growing weary of the market options for portable turntables, one man took matters into his own hands and created his own. Daniel Barassi didn’t want to settle for “some flimsy, groove-killing portable turntable,” so he customized an old children’s Fisher-Price battery-operated turntable.

He began his project by replacing the diamond needle cartridge with a Shure M44-7 “DJ” cartridge. After seeing what a difference that made, he continued the modifications in his quest for perfection. He tinkered with the original power button and volume control for a final product he’s calling a “Fishure-Price” turntable.

While Barassi says he isn’t looking to mass-produce his modified Fisher-Price turntables, his modified turntable has led to multiple Instagram videos and contributions to #45Friday on Instagram, where musicians, artists and writers select their favorite 45 of the day.

Learn more about the Fishure-Price HERE

[via dancing astronaut]

Drew Pierce

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