Action Bronson has quickly become one of Viceland’s premier stars and now, the rapper has added yet another show to his roster. The Blue Chips MC will serve as a late-night show host for his new series The Untitled Action Bronson Show.

The Untitled Action Bronson Show will find the Queens native “cooking and hanging out with an eclectic mix of guests, from the world famous to local legends, top and upcoming performers and some of the best purveyors of delicacies from all over the globe,” Pitchfork reports.

In the promo clip for his forthcoming series, Bronson reads from his script and teases that his show will feature “food, deceit, lust, and weed.” “This is the type of show that takes you away from the garbage,” he says over dramatic music. “It puts you into a world of happiness. I can’t even begin to tell you all the things I’m excited about.” He adds that viewers may even see an appearance from iconic guitarist Carlos Santana.

Bronson’s new TV endeavor joins his most recent Viceland show, Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson, where he plays matchmaker for young singles, Fuck, That Delicious and Traveling the Stars: Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson and Friends.

The Untitled Action Bronson Show will premiere on Monday (Oct. 23) at 11:30 p.m on Viceland.



Drew Pierce

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