Dutch superstar Martin Garrix speaks candidly about opening for Justin Bieber in Australia and traveling to Cape Town, South Africa to hang out with the locals in his latest episode of The Martin Garrix Show, Season 2.

With respect to performing at one of Bieber’s shows, Garrix says, “I’m friends with Justin, and I’ve been to shows of his. But he has a very different fan base than me so I honestly thought I was going to DJ there and everybody would just stand and wait for Justin to go on.” However, the result was the exact opposite, as he goes on to say the place erupted with energy just one song in.

Earlier on in the docu-series, Garrix flies into Cape Town a few days prior to his Ultra South Africa set to visit the S.O.S. Children Village, a development organization that helps builds families for children in need and help shape their futures. He describes the heartwarming experience as “one of the most beautiful days of my life.”

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