Today is 808 Day (August 8), and in celebration, Roland have announced they will reissue the classic TR-808 drum machine in a compact form as part of their Boutique series of instruments. The new TR-08 is a faithful miniature recreation of the original, with some modern touches, according to Roland. Each of the 16 spaces in the classic drum machine sequencer now contain “sub-steps,” allowing for more detailed drum programming; the new machine has a built-in speaker as well. Check out a promo video for the TR-08 featuring Jimmy Jam, Juan Atkins, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and more. Roland have also added a Boutique version of the classic SH-101 synthesizer as well. Past instruments to receive the Boutique treatment include the TB-303 and TR-909. Roland has yet to specify an exact price on the new TR-808 reissue.

[via pitchfork]

Drew Pierce

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