Never say it doesn’t pay to keep doing you. Portugal. The Man have long followed the code of many a hard-working rock band – stay true to your sound, focus on the ones who get it, and keep producing a steady flow of music for a small, but always-growing base of loyal admirers. And surely enough, the Alaska rockers have consistently won converts over the ten-plus years they’ve spent refining their now trademark take on modern psychedelia.

Portugal’s last few releases, however, have felt like a prelude to something much bigger. So it was no surprise when their latest record, last June’s Woodstock, shot off like a stadium-sized firework. Burning brightest of all was “Feel It Still”, an slinky, strutting jam that came equipped with enough nostalgic bravado to rule the alternative charts in early summer. But the song’s sky-high success arises from an unexpected origin. In a new interview, the band opens up about the process of making “Feel It Still” and how following their first instincts turned out to be their best instincts.

[via fader]



Drew Pierce

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