Katy Perry takes us behind the scenes of her outrageous “Bon Appetit” video, which finds her being served to a group of high-society cannibals. As you probably know by now, the hitmaker turns the tables after indulging in a little pole-dancing. How much effort goes into making a culinary-themed, feminist blockbuster? A lot. The BTS footage reveals that Katy spent 90 minutes lying on a serving dish while a food stylist made everything look pretty.

Not only that, but celebrity chef Roy Choi took his cameo very seriously — inventing a spicy bouillon for the pop diva to soak in. And let’s not forget about Migos. They look like they’re having a great time on set and brag about being part of the biggest hit of the summer. That wasn’t to be, but “Bon Appetit” still ranks as one of the year’s better bops. The video is also something of a smash, racking up 127 million views in three weeks. See how the clip was put together up top and then watch the finished product above.

[via idolator]


Katy Perry ft. Migos – Bon Appetit

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