A new trailer for All Eyez on Me, an upcoming film about the life and murder of Tupac Shakur, was released Friday (Feb. 10).

Viewers get some insight into Tupac’s youth and upbringing, as he watches violent encounters with bigoted police affect his family, himself and those around him.

The trailer’s strongest moment comes in a conversation with Tupac’s mother, as she tells him with tragic foreshadowing, “They are going to come after you and everything you love. They are gonna give you the tools that you need to destroy yourself.”

Adding to the anticipation for the film is the eeriness in how much Demetrius Shipp Jr. — playing the iconic rapper — looks like ‘Pac. We’re also offered a brief look at Biggie Smalls and Suge Knight, played by Jamal Woolard and Dominic L. Santana, respectively.

The biopic is set to be released June 16, the legendary rapper’s birthday.

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Drew Pierce

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