DMS is proud to present episode 2 of a brand new video feature titled “Beyond The Decks” which focuses on DJs who run businesses outside of DJ’ing.

In episode two of Beyond the Decks we visit DJ Albie, lifestyle director at Stance Socks. Stance is the industry leader in cultural relevant socks and underwear. Stance is in every mall, Footlocker and boutique store across America. Albie started as a DJ in Orange County, CA and has also worked for streetwear giants LRG & The Hundreds. Albie has been able to use his DJ’ing and music experiences to create and influence many boardroom decisions at these major companies.

Kick your feet up and enjoy this episode of Beyond the Decks and see how one DJ has help build and grow several global brands using DJ’ing as the backbone of the creativity.

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Drew Pierce

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