Jason Jani shares three photos you have to take at every event to help you grow your brand and create opportunities in the future. Jason Jani shares three different photos he works to get at every single event and how when used properly, these photos create the opportunity to attract and earn more business, events, and impressions on social media, websites, and even in sales meetings.

This video is based on real insight learned in Jason’s full-time experience as a DJ and DJ company business owner. He is one of the most sought after private event DJs in the United States and has worked all over the planet doing amazing events in amazing places. Outside of his personal performance resume, he founded and is the owner-operator of NJ based SCE EVENT GROUP – which is a boutique influenced social event company that is known for excellence and its dynamic team of talent and incredible event enhancements.

If you are interested in learning more about Jason Jani and or SCE Event Group – please consider checking them out online at http://www.SCEEVENTGROUP.com​ or here on YOUTUBE @SCE Event Group​

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