The reviews are in! DMS gets rave reviews by record pool reviewer Tom Hricik. Read the full review below.


Price: $29.95 per month (for the limited plan), up to 40% off for yearly packages

What’s Great?: One of the largest back catalogues available, coupled with its own brand of exclusive edits.

What Needs Improvement?: Some DJs may dislike that most records on DMS have an intro, few will start cold.

When DJ AM put a stamp of approval on something, you know it is worth looking into. No, I’m not talking about Serato, Technics 1200s, or even the Nike Dunks he wore. I’m talking about Direct Music Service.

The Best of Both Worlds?

DMS is an incredibly versatile record pool. In many ways, it can be considered the best of both worlds in terms of balancing new material and fresh, exclusive edits with a massive back catalog of throwbacks and classics. From 70’s throwbacks, to Festival Trap, to Deep House, DMS goes above and beyond in terms of the selection they offer their users.

With regards to the extensive back catalogue of classic records, these aren’t low quality, un-quantized, intro-less versions of the records you need. DMS has DJ-ready, high quality downloads of even the most obscure tracks I’ve searched for. I firmly believe that their back catalog is second to none in terms of size and quality, and they’ve helped me diversify my library decades beyond my active years as a DJ.

A World-Class Team of Editors

DMS ranks highly among its peers when considering the team behind it. In total, 15 editors work 24/7 to keep DMS on top of the game. The custom edits on DMS have often been some of my best club weapons. I can recall multiple occasions when I’ve been approached by DJs after my set, specifically asking for the edits I’ve gotten from DMS.

DMS features a form where users can suggest tracks to be added to the pool, and they genuinely do their best to accommodate the requests made. The level of dedication and quality that #teamDMS continues to deliver to its users each year has made it an exceptional service worthy of immense praise, and one of my favorite pools in existence.

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Drew Pierce

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