The Serato DJ 1.9.3 update includes a number of important bug fixes and performance improvements for all users as well as an upgrade to the Serato Sampler. Our improved Sampler section now includes 8 slots giving control of 32 samples over 4 banks for sample play. The first Serato DJ enabled controller in our partnership with Roland, the DJ-808, is also supported in this update.

As well as this, 1.9.3 brings support for Ableton Link which enables you to send BPM information over a wireless network to keep multiple Link applications, including Ableton or a second Serato DJ setup in time. Read the rest

Serato Sampler

The Serato DJ Sample Player has been updated from the classic SP-6 and transforms into the new Serato Sampler, which now includes two extra sample slots, allowing a total of eight samples to be loaded at once. We’ve also made a number of changes to the design for better usability.

Roland DJ-808

Support for the DJ-808, the first Serato DJ Enabled controller from our partnership with Roland. It is the first DJ controller to include built-in drum sequencing with Roland’s iconic TR drum sound.

On board is a 4-channel mixer, VT vocal processing unit, ultra high-performance platters with dual-deck control, 2 AIRA link USB ports, MIDI out and tight Serato DJ feature integration.

Ableton Link Integration

Serato DJ now lets you link up with other DJs and devices. Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a wireless network, a built-in feature of Ableton and a growing number of software and iOS apps.

Bug Fixes and Optimisations

This release includes a number of important stability improvements for all Serato DJs such as a refreshed look and workflow to MIDI mapping.

Read the full list of bug fixes, changes and additions in Serato DJ 1.9.3 Release Notes HERE.

Download HERE

Drew Pierce

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