Fourteen years ago, Mariah Carey blessed us with an iconic episode of MTV’s Cribs, during which she climbed into a full tub wearing a towel and exercised on a Stairmaster in four-inch heels, among other dazzling displays of her fabulosity. It immediately became clear that MiMi exists in a universe all her own, one that’s tailor-made for our reality television obsession. So now, the elusive chanteuse has answered our prayers by gifting us Mariah’s World.

The upcoming eight-part docu-series premieres December 4 on E!, but its first trailer is here to give us a taste of the diva-licious antics ahead.

“I’d rather, like, make everything fun,” Mariah announces while reclining on a couch and wearing a sequined bustier, fishnets, fluffy slippers, and enough diamonds to blind you. “Is this a normal outfit for people to wear?” she continues. “I don’t know, but I’m at home and this is what I wear.”

The rest of the teaser shows Mariah trying on a skintight, sparkly wedding dress, deciding whether or not to get puppies delivered to her hotel, “joking” (I think) about having white tigers and albino elephants at her nuptials, and prank-calling someone as “Pamela.” The main takeaway is, there’s no such thing as a normal day in the life of MiMi.

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Drew Pierce

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