Ultra’s UMF TV has just introduced a new video series called UNCUT MIAMI. The episodes include laid back interviews and games with international DJs set with a South Beach backdrop.

The first installment brings on Disclosure, in which the Lawrence brothers tell a handful of interesting stories and play a good old fashioned spar of “what animal would this DJ be”.

The pair recall attending this year’s Grammys for their own nominations and in support of Sam Smith, followed an award show afterparty they threw which was so big that Mark Ronson ditched his own post-soiree down the street to attend. They also explain the progressing fusion of house music and EDM in Miami, a forward movement in which fan overlap has been working in their favor.

Howard, the younger of the two, mentions constantly being mistaken for Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe and cites an interesting trip to the zoo with Tiesto and Diplo.

Disclosure continued the video with a quick game in which they pair fellow artists with their animal counterparts. According to Guy and Howard, Seth Troxler is an alpaca, Tiga is a wolf, Skream is a giraffe and Tiesto is a “Silverback Gorilla 100%”.

[via mixmag]



Drew Pierce

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