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Thunder In Paradise is back again for the 3rd year in a row. Fuseamania — “This mix is one of my favorite things to do. It really allows me as a DJ to play songs I like that don’t have to keep a dance floor packed.” If you haven’t heard or are not familiar with the mix both of the past years are available still on my SOUNDCLOUD.

“Simo is a fellow Cincinnatian, and DJ that produces under Panic City’s Blacklight Records out of San Francisco. You can find hundreds of his edits on He is a party rocker that can play any type of set. After the jump are some interview questions I did with him earlier this week.”

1. When you think “Thunder In Paradise”, what do you think of?
When I think of Thunder in Paradise, I think of forgetting about all the worries you have in the world. Letting your mind wander free with good music that rides on the brink of background noise mixed with enough excitement to keep the summer vibes going.

2. What is your version of paradise?
My version of paradise is exactly what I’m doing right now. Sitting on the beach with my girlfriend, reading a book, listening to some chill music, drinking a beer. Simple as that.

3. Your favorite track so far of 2013?
Pop: Suit & Tie ; Other: Televisor – The Pressure

4. Your least favorite track of 2013?
Drake – Started From The Bottom

5. Biggest guilty pleasure song of 2013?
Justin Bieber – #thatpower

6. Your go to track to get the crowd moving?
If I had to pick one off the top of my head… Cosmic Dawn’s mashup of Danza Kuduro & Beauty and a Beat. Always works with the top-40 crowds.

7. Your Ideal DJ Setup? (Equipment and such)
Techncs M5Gs and a 57. The frills of a 900 are a little too much for me most of the time.

8. Do you secretly love boy bands, but act like you hate them?
I performed as Justin Timberlike in my 7th grade talent show lip syncing/dancing to “Bye Bye Bye”. I’ll just leave it at that.

9. Who’s DJ edits do you find yourself playing the most?Depends where I’m playing. DMS edits all day no matter what… but to not sound like I’m plugging DMS… Konflikt and Isaac Jordan’s edits are always on point.

10. Best DJ show/set you have witnessed?
Joe Maz at Mokai in Miami a couple years back. He played a majority of house but mixed it up perfectly with hip hop throughout the night and absolutely crushed it.

11. A current trend in DJing that you hope dies off?Again, if I have to pick one… One dimensional DJs. Mix it up. There is no better feeling as a DJ than the “OHHH SHIT!!!” reaction from a crowd. Take risks. Life exists outside of EDM.

12. Where do you think the name Thunder In Paradise came from?
Duh… Hulk Hogan’s old blockbuster TV series!

For More Info on Simo check out these links:

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We hope to see everyone out tonight at The Mt. Adams Pavilion were giving away 200 copy’s of the mix tonight. At a later time I will eventually post the mix online available for download.

Special Thanks to DONK, DREW PIERCE, AND SIMO for helping create the mix!


Drew Pierce

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