Prince’s Super Bowl halftime show in 2007 has yet to be topped, and may never be topped. I’ve had arguments with friends, co-workers and family about left sharks and Michael Jacksons and Beyonces, but no one — no one — can come close to Prince’s performance. It was almost too perfect. Purple Rain in the rain. Those are five words that sum up Prince’s greatness. His perfection. It was more than just a commercial event, it was an important moment in music.

With Prince’s passing, a non-stop barrage of tales about Prince have finally been told, and the Super Bowl halftime show is no exception. Charles Coplin was the NFL Head of Programming for the 2007 show, and he relayed his extremely entertaining story about meeting Prince.

In the weeks since the passing of Prince, it’s unforgettable stories like these that will keep the Purple One immortal. In fact, these stories, each as unique as the songs in his music catalogue, may be even better than some of his music. It’s as if he was meant to entertain. Each sentence, word, and letter was incredible.

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Drew Pierce

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