Skratch Bastid–

“RIP Prince.
Can you believe that is a thing? 2016 has been a rough one for music, eh? We’ve been losing legends almost weekly. Like, seriously, actually weekly. It’s messed up.

Since posting the Bowie routine, I’ve been getting tons of requests for tribute videos every time a musician passes away. It’s a pretty weird thing to deal with, to be honest. I’m all about giving our legends the respect they deserve, but I don’t like to do it in the wake of their death or just because their name is in the headlines.

So when I heard the news of Prince passing away, I was slow to hit the turntables like I did when I heard the news about Bowie. Not because Prince meant less to me, not even close — but because I only wanted to do it if & when it felt natural. At the end of our busy day, my wife and I listened to just about every Prince record we own. And when we came across the doubles of the “Kiss” 12″, I started messing around with it, having fun, and getting excited about his music, as I always do when it’s played. And so I decided again to put a tribute together, late last night/early this morning when North America is pretty still and not begging for attention, and this is it.

I will miss Prince dearly. I will continue to celebrate his music in my sets and in my spare time. Love for great music should always be evolving, and I discovered new songs of his today through the shares of others celebrating and mourning. His music will live on with all of us, as I’m sure he would have wanted it. May this video bring you positive energy to a sad time. Rest In Peace, Prince Rogers Nelson.”



Drew Pierce

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