Martin Garrix has always fascinated his audience. After arguably one of the most explosive debuts just about two years ago with “Animals,” the wunderkind’s career has continued to skyrocket, despite his young age. In a new interview, he discusses exactly the kind of pressure he faces as not only a young artist, but also as an instant success.

“When you have success, people expect you to maintain it. For me, at one point, I said to myself, ‘I need to step up my game again. What am I doing?’ That was a problem,” he explains. “I cared too much.”

However, he goes on to explain that after an almost exclusively Martin Garrix-only set at Ultra, he received the reinforcement he needed to put aside the many pressures he faces and just be himself again. “I can get in the studio and be myself, and that’s the best feeling ever.”

[via dancing astronaut]



Drew Pierce

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