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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Dr. Dre addresses the allegations of assault that have recently come back into public attention. These include the 1991 incident in which he allegedly assaulted TV host Dee Barnes, as well as more recent allegations of physical abuse from ex-fiancée and R&B singer Michel’le. “I made some fucking horrible mistakes in my life,” says Dre. “I was young, fucking stupid. I would say all the allegations aren’t true – some of them are. Those are some of the things that I would like to take back. It was really fucked up. But I paid for those mistakes, and there’s no way in hell that I will ever make another mistake like that again.”

Ice Cube spoke on accusations of misogyny in N.W.A.’s lyrics, citing that they didn’t apply to all women the same way calling someone a “punk” or “coward” would not apply to all men. “If you’re a bitch, you’re probably not going to like us,” he says. “If you’re a ho, you probably don’t like us. If you’re not a ho or a bitch, don’t be jumping to the defense of these despicable females. Just like I shouldn’t be jumping to the defense of no punks or no cowards or no slimy son of a bitches that’s men. I never understood why an upstanding lady would even think we’re talking about her.”

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