The Guvernment, Toronto’s legendary nightclub, recently closed its doors with deadmau5 at the decks after an 18-year run. The helmet-clad headliner delivered a stellar set to end the super-club’s run, and during his slot, the mau5 gave fans in attendance a real treat. A simple and concise tweet from Joel earlier this month alluded to the live-version of one of his greatest hits being played out at the Guv Finale show, and now the footage is finally available for your viewing pleasure.

The original 10-minute masterpiece plays for an extended nearly 20-minute live edit to mark the special occasion. “Strobe,” for any longtime deadmau5 is an instant-classic, however with a newly elongated live-edit, a 20-minute look back at a simpler time for dance music culture is exactly what fans at The Guvernment’s final show got.

[via dancing astronaut]



Drew Pierce

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