As Dan Deacon points out in this eighth episode of Made In America, Baltimore is one of those cities that people and touring bands seems to pass over. Beyond the infamy the city garnered from The Wire and its most celebrated creative and fervent champion, director John Waters, Baltimore’s music scene is surprisingly diverse, and thriving in pockets all over the city. They’re doing what they want, exactly how they want: from Bmore club to avant electronica to hip-hop to indie rock and Vogue balls.

Here we explore it’s DIY scene via Animal Collective and Dan Deacon, talk Bmore beats with rising stars TT the Artist and Mighty Mark, and get a dance lesson from Rye Rye. Turns out rhythm is not our strong suit. Plus experimental electronica act Matmos provide insight into how the seemingly disparate scenes intersect and why.


Daft Punk ft Panda Bear – Doin’ It Right


Drew Pierce

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