By now the dance world is intimately acquainted with the world’s only Ferrari-shaped tribute to Nyan Cat, but few had the pleasure of riding with it as it trekked from Miami to Ibiza via Atlanta, New York, Scotland, and Paris. If you’ve ever found yourself lamenting this lack of experience, the man behind the Nyan is giving you the next best thing. This week Deadmau5 released a tease of his time in the Gumball 3000 motor rally, inviting cameras into his longest-ever coffee run with co-pilot Tory Bellici. Tunes from while(1<2) accompany the pair through their timezone-crossing journey as autographs are given, international borders crossed, and references to marmite are tossed about. If you can’t be the one to purchase the now-retired Purrari, you can at least catch a glimpse into a major highlight of its life. [via dancing astronaut]

Drew Pierce

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