An artist as successful as Big Sean has no need to be humble. But he is anyway. He’s come a long way from his childhood home near 8 Mile in Detroit, which he says “wasn’t much, but it was just right.” Yet he’s managed to always stay true to himself by obeying his own simple mantra: “Always speak your mind and be real.”

This spirit of “to thine own self be true” is very much on display in the new Coors Light Axis series. In the video above, which is the first of eight parts, we are given a front row seat to what makes Big Sean tick. It covers everything from his avoidance of gangs to the first time he heard Kanye’s music to “one of the golden moments” of his life: buying his mother a house. Along the way, he opens up about what has influenced him, and his plans for becoming even more of an icon.

[via complex]



Drew Pierce

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