Beyonce made an appearance at the School of Visual Arts in New York City over the weekend, where she played through her 17 Beyonce videos and then took about 10 minutes to answer fan questions submitted through Instagram. “This is a project that I didn’t think was possible,” she told the crowd before opening up on some of the album’s inspirations and inner workings.

As we noted earlier today (December 23), she admitted she was “terrified” about the release the night it dropped, but she also revealed why she was so open about her personal life on this album. Basically, since becoming a mother, Bey has realized she wants to make music for her, music that represents the complex experience of womanhood. Part of this, Bey noted, was that she no longer feels the need to separate herself into these categories of Beyonce, Mrs. Carter, Sasha, etc. since it’s all a part of one greater experience.

Queen B also shared some interesting tidbits about the logistics of keeping the project under wraps (for instance, she wore an earbud while shooting the videos so that nobody else could hear the songs), and lauded her team for actually pulling it off.

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