In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, legendary producer Nile Rodgers spoke about his work on Daft Punk’s fourth studio album, Random Access Memories, which hits May 21st.

“About a year ago, I get a knock on the door – first a virtual one and then a real knock – from [Daft Punk’s] Guy-Manuel and Thomas,” Rodgers told Rolling Stone. “The collaboration felt so unbelievably natural that it made me realize that I need to be in the studio with people. I love partnering with people. And then from that moment, a windfall of recording started happening. I just started going in with whomever I could.”

Rodgers says that his work with the group has been previewed in the now famous 15-second SNL commercial, which aired two weekends ago. “All I can say is that when you listen to the clip which dropped on Saturday Night Live, it pretty much shows you the great collaboration,” he said. “It’s clear as a bell.”

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Drew Pierce

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