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Dutch house-music star Hardwell was still beaming from the EDC rush when he visited MTV News on Monday. “It was my second time at EDC, but my first time I played on the main stage. It was crazy!” Hardwell gushed. “I think it’s probably one of the biggest shows I’ve ever done. It was more people than Ultra [Music Festival].” He admitted Monday that he had almost nothing planned for his 90-minute set: “I had actually a folder with five tracks I definitely wanted to play, and the rest I just did on the spot.” A high point of the night was his impromptu wedging of his hit collaboration with Holland’s other hometown star. “I mixed ‘Zero 76,’ a track I did with Tiësto, out of nowhere,” Hardwell remembered. “So no intro beats, just dropped [it], and the reaction from the crowd was exactly the feeling I had. Just on-the-spot transition. Kind of risky, but it definitely paid off.” [via mtv]



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