Propellerhead the makers of Reason have just released Figure for iPhone and iPad. For just .99 cents this looks like a fun way to pass the time once you’ve conquered every level on Angry Birds. Click the link to DOWNLOAD. And read the press release below.


“Propellerhead Figure Puts Great Sound at Anyone’s Fingertips


Brand new iOS app with Propellerhead’s legendary sound makes music making fun, fast and direct Stockholm, Sweden


Propellerhead announces the immediate availability of Figure for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Fast, streamlined and fun, Figure enables even an inexperienced musician to make amazing sounding original music in seconds.


Figure for iOS is designed from the ground up for mobile environments where users want to make some music fast. Even non-musicians will quickly be playing their own beats and songs with drums, bass and lead parts. With an incredibly easy-to-use touch interface, Figure offers a huge amount of control with simple gestures. Figure is deceptively deep, facilitating many ways to tweak sounds and parameters—making it entertaining and inspiring to use for a minute or for hours. With major synth power under its hood, powered by Propellerhead’s Reason, Figure sounds phenomenal too.


“In our foray into music making mobile applications we have discovered the interface and operating environment are, of course, different from a computer’s—touch, small screen, earphones, no external input devices, etc. However, mobile users’ aspirations are quite different as well. They desire immediacy, a diversion, to start playing fast and most of all to have fun,” says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO of Propellerhead. “Figure fits those needs, giving people the great sound we’re known for in an extremely engaging way.”


Figure highlights


• Make songs with drums, bass and lead synth


• Play by sliding a finger across the play pad


• Always stay in key and on the beat


• No previous playing skills required


• Tweak and twist tracks on the fly


• Sounding amazing has never been this easy


• The sound of Reason on an iPhone, powered by Kong drum designer and Thor synthesizer

Drew Pierce

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