On Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 the DJ community was rocked by the sad news of Solomon Kahn’s, aka DJ Solomon’s, tragic death. Solomon & his fiance Nicole were in Bangkok for 4 gigs, it was their first time to Thailand. He was in a taxi that stalled on the highway and was rear ended by another car. The crash fatally wounded Solomon. He was 34. His fiance Nicole sustained several fractures, but is not in critical condition.


Solomon was the in-house DJ for the Golden State Warriors since 1999. He was also one of the regular DJ’s for the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park. Solomon was a fixture in SF nightlife but also travelled around the country doing what he loved: playing music.


I first met Solomon (in late 2004 or early 2005 I believe) in San Francisco. I was on a road trip with DJ AM who had preformed at Ruby Skye the night before. We all met at a little crepe shop in SF and Solomon was showing us this “amazing” digital DJ’ing program called Final Scratch. He was a beta tester for them. AM had just recently converted to Serato from Final Scratch and it was a spirited debate about which digital DJ format was better. Sol eventually converted to Serato and became a beta tester for them as well. He really knew the ins & outs of digital DJ’ing software.


We were both on Crooklyn Clan & Deckstar together for a time. He would usually hit me up when he did a new remix or blend to get my thoughts. He was always open to my ideas & suggestions. Over the years, I developed a great friendship with Solomon. We did quite a few gigs together & hung out and did random stuff in SF several other times. He always hit me up when I came up to SF to hang out. Solomon was not only a humble & talented DJ but a really genuine guy as well. He will be missed by everyone who knew him and by the entire DJ community. He was truly a DJ without borders. Rest in Peace Solomon.


— DJ Kevin Scott


If you would like to donate to DJ Solomon’s family in this tragic time click on the link below –



Drew Pierce

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