“Today, AD is welcomed by hit music producer Benny Blanco to tour his home in Los Angeles. Built in 1939, Blanco’s spacious home is just a stone’s throw away from his recording studio, but despite its proximity to work, Blanco’s design brief was all-play, no-work. With the help of Rachel Leigh Ward and Dana M. Vitrano of bonVIVANT Interiors and designer Keefe Butler of Studio BAD, the resulting space is eclectic and playful with plenty of areas to kick back and relax with family and friends, including superstar girlfriend Selena Gomez. From a red velvet movie theatre with a candy room to a Mariah Carey-worthy dressing room, Blanco’s home is full of personality and fun for all. “I know the house is kooky…one time, a friend told me, ‘I love coming over to your house because I feel like I can just let go and be my true self.’ That’s exactly what I’m going for here.”



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