“In this episode @djdrewpierce, and @Fuseamania sit down with the one and only @DjPizzo, and talk about his new venture @Recordselectorlv! We loved this episode so much because it was the 1 year anniversary for us, and Pizzo helps round out the great year. For those dedicated listeners, if you remember we had Warren Peace on the first episode, and now Pizzo (His partner from the early days of HipHopSite.com and so much more) Pizzo himself is a legend, having tons of years in the game, and always having an ear to the streets for the new music. In this episode we get to chat with him some about his Eminem story’s over the years, and how he was one of the early ones catching on to Em. We also talk about his career and how its come full circle, with his new venture RecordSelectorLV.com. Also we talk about one of his favorite quotes, and why it’s important to him. As always we appreciate everyone who is listening, and tagging, so keep it up! Make sure you like, follow, subscribe, download, rate, review, on whatever platform you are listening on! All of that helps grow the show!”



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