Being a Sales Ninja DJ Event Pro by Jason Jani. If you are struggling with sales in 2021, I made this video for you. In this video, I try to offer a couple of things to think through to help you crush ghosting and get the opportunity to work with more people. I address the topic of how to deal with couples or clients who contact asking for specific pieces of information or request that you only contact them in email, or by text. I do my best to offer some real tips on how you need to answer these inquiries and how you need to deal with these requests based on my own personal experience as a DJ and DJ business owner.

The secret sauce is in the planning or preparation phase of the sales process. Being prepared to address questions, and position the conversation for a slam dunk is what is going to help you get to the next level and allow you to continue doing more of what it is that you do.

Although the video was created from a DJ perspective, it truly can be applied to any small business in the event industry.

If you are struggling with sales, I made this video for you. Things are different now, people are different and the way it always worked in the past needs to be adjusted if you want to continue to grow and continue to do more of what you love.

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I appreciate you checking this video our and I hope it helps you become a sales ninja in 2021.

Now it is time to get to work.



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