Welcome back for our second series with Justin Bieber’s tracking and mix engineer, Josh Gudwin! This time, we are focusing on the massive 2015 hit single ‘Love Yourself’. Despite a very low track count and troublesome guitar recording, this record was a global sensation thanks to effective songwriting, pristine vocals and Gudwin’s fully ITB mix. With the multi-track session open, Josh gives a background story to the track, then takes you through every aspect of the session. You will learn how he reduced the buzz of a guitar amp, tuned, EQ’d, compressed, and de-essed Justin’s vocals, added lush reverb to the trumpet recording, and incorporated numerous effects. Using GUIs of analog-modelled plug-ins, he also shows the typical signal chain and parameter settings that he uses to record Justin’s vocals, while commenting on the microphone of choice. Furthermore, he takes you through his mix buss chain step by step!



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