DJ DEXTEROUS from Orange County, California. Producer, Dj, Remixer and Music Enthusiast…Dj Dexterous, a native from Southern California. He Began his journey in the music scene two decades ago doing backyard parties for friends and family. Soon after his love for the music became his passion which turned into his career today. Dj Dexterous continues to master his sound and take over the dance floors throughout the United States with his unique style of High energy mixing and scratching. When Dj Dexterous is not spinning, you can find him in the studio producing remixes & editing his own tracks.


1. F.D.A.U. – Face Down Ass Up
2. Dog Blood – Law Break
3. Yellow Claw – Reckless
4. Noizekid – Suban Las Manos
5. Noizekid – Ready
6. FATTYBASS & M3B – Clap Ass
7. Rathero – Push It
8. Dj Exile – Nobody Move
9. INNOBASS ft Ma-Less – Como Sube Y Baja
10. Salvi – Perreito Mexicano
11. Ranza feat. Richie Loop – Hands On Your Knees
12. Jazzbeats – Quiere Que la Monte
13. Clambake – Booty
14. Noizekid – YYZ
15. Franklin Dam – Toma Perreo
16. So Dope – Concrete
17. Michael Fortera – Mambo
18. Noizyangel – Ma Dura
19. JSTJR – Culo Pa Tra
20. LH4L – Motor Oil
21. White Gangster – Eo Eo


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