What kind of impact is social media having on DJs and the dance music scene? Watch artists, DJs, managers, and experts discuss this issue in our new documentary, “INSTA DJ.”

Social media helps artists speak directly to fans – inspiring new music and creating hype for undiscovered talent. But are there costs to being constantly online?

How has social media changed the way we experience clubs and events?

Can artists and DJs still be successful without a huge social media following?

How is social media impacting the mental health of producers, DJs, and clubbers, and what happens when a global artist takes a digital detox?

With the help of artists and experts including Annie Mac, Carl Cox, Danny Howard (BBC Radio One), Mark Lawrence, Natasha Devon MBE (advisor on mental health and body image), and more, our 40-minute documentary “INSTA DJ” explores the impact of social media on DJs, artists, clubbers, and fans.


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