Even Martin Garrix gets sick apparently, which is what the producer tells his fans and tries to convince himself he will get over as he walks up to his Tomorrowland main stage set. The newest episode of The Martin Garrix Show shows the producer with a sore throat as he is fading quickly before his set approaches. Mentor David Guetta tops his sick day off by playing Garrix’s unreleased track “Yottabyte” before the producer goes on, which is what Garrix was planning on opening with.

Garrix fans know that he premiered the track “High on Life” featuring Bonn at the festival, and viewers get a behind the scenes view of how he flew the artist in last minute to showcase the track on the main stage. Dua Lipa also talks to viewers about her first Tomorrowland performance, rounding out the episode with high profile performances and, as always, a look into Garrix’s hectic world.

[via dancing astronaut]


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