“Less is more” is not an applicable admonition when it comes to Martin Garrix releases; Garrix jointly released his latest single, “Burn Out,” with fellow collaborator Justin Mylo on September 14, and now follows the track with the third installment of the third season of The Martin Garrix Show. Episode three shifts the serial’s focus from Garrix’s live performance at Amsterdam Dance Event — as featured in episode two — to the dance music dynamo’s ensuing appearance before a crowd of 38,000 at Gelsenkitchen, Germany’s World Club Dome.

Somewhat of a visual touring diary, The Martin Garrix Show follows Garrix behind the decks to offer an intimate behind the scenes look at Garrix as he electronically engrosses Dome attendees. “I’m going to do a sit-down!” Garrix informs the camera before hopping on the mic to deliver instructions to the crowd — but the highlight of the third episode is Garrix’s exclamation that he “just turned 21!” Episode three concludes with a post set pizza party where the DJ’s closest friends serenade him, wishing the powerhouse producer a very happy 21st birthday.

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Drew Pierce

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