Dillon Francis recently stopped by the Zach Sang Show on YouTube to talk Wut Wut and what lead him to make a Spanish language album. The relatable Sang has a specialty in crafting discourse in long-form, speaking with Francis for more than an hour about his childhood, Brendon Urie, Gerald, and Nicki Minaj sampling him and Skrillex‘s “Bun Up The Dance.”

Francis discusses how he found the genre so many think he created himself: moombahton. Though he didn’t, he was close to the source. His affinity for Spanish music was made obvious early on, having attended the 2016 Latin Grammy’s with Toy Selectah, met De La Ghetto and El Guincho there who eventually introduced Francis to Arcangel and Bad Bunny off the album.

In an hour-long segment, Sang dives into the weeds, having Francis talking about music production showing his inner nerd. This interview proves to be a truly authentic look into the life of Francis’ current state in music, adding to the list of curated collaborators from the deliberate funny man whose noticeably having a good time.

[via dancing astronaut]



Drew Pierce

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