Deadmau5 may perform under the guise of an mouse helmet, but off-stage, Joel Zimmerman is a pretty open guy. The Canadian DJ/producer gives fans a peek inside his “mau5 house” in a new video captured by electronics YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, which tours the artist’s stacked studio.

Host Linus Sebastian kicks off the tour from inside the “4ware” artist’s enormous studio space, one of the only Dolby Atmos-certified mix studios outside of Dolby themselves.

The scene is a visual feast for techies, featuring nine custom-made ATC speakers, a top-secret black box, a $50,000 analog recording console and more in the works — apparently, the studio has been under continual construction for three years.

Zimmerman, who’s also taught an online music production series through MasterClass, even gives viewers a demo of the equipment.

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