Moby, Tommie Sunshine, Rebekah, and more explain how they keep themselves clear-headed in the club.

Drinking and drugs are often synonymous with club and rave culture, and THUMP spends a lot of time exploring the role of intoxicants in our scene. For many clubbers and producers, getting wrecked can be a complementary part of nightlife. If pushed too far, however, having a good time can become unhealthy. What happens when the music becomes secondary to partying?

Inspired by THUMP colleague Michelle Lhooq’s eye-opening journey into sober clubbing, we decided to talk to several electronic artists—including Moby, Tommie Sunshine, and Kill Frenzy—about why they have chosen to live free of the substances that so many of their peers and fans consider an integral part of the club experience.

There’s a common refrain in the club scene that “it’s all about the music.” For these folks, it really is.

[via THUMP]





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