Joel Zimmerman has referred to DJing as merely button-pushing rather than an art form in the past, but his criticisms of the trade aren’t simply disillusionment. As a producer and a performer, deadmau5 holds himself to a higher standard than most; though it can be easy to get lost in Zimmerman’s sharp-tongued commentary on live electronic music, it’s evident in his shows that the artist takes takes his craft quite seriously onstage. Arguably, deadmau5’s “Cube” stage production circa 2010 was as influential in spurring the American dance music boom as Daft Punk’s “Pyramid.”

After moving on from the Cube for a number of years, Zimmerman is returning to – and evolving – his roots with an upgraded version of the stage production to accompany his “lots of shows in a row” tour. Deemed, “Cube 2.1,” Zimmerman’s new rig is an astounding visual feat.

Supposedly doubling the size of the original Cube, the LED monolith quite literally mouses Zimmerman as he stands behind it. Watch deadmau5 and his team go through a test-run with Cube 2.1 in the video above, set to the tune of deadmau5 and Grabbitz‘s “Let Go.”

[via dancing astronaut]



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