The Chainsmokers took Europe by storm this fall. If you don’t believe us, there’s plenty of video evidence, courtesy of Rory Kramer.

The electronic duo posted a vlog to their Facebook page recapping the madness both visually and narratively. At one point, Alex Pall says, “A few shows into the tour, we realized this would be one of the most memorable tours we’d ever go on.” They even dared talk about the not-so-fun parts of tour like getting sick because, you know, sh-t happens.

Although there’s nothing quite like being in the room, the slow motion video clips of the boys leaving all of their energy on stage (like they do so well), goofing off backstage and taking in all of the beautiful scenery in Europe sure makes you feel connected.

The duo hit tons of cities from Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Milan and beyond. Check out the video below.

[via billboard]



Drew Pierce

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