Desiigner might have hit it big with “Panda” and his deal with G.O.O.D. Music, but the Brooklyn teenager hasn’t forgotten about his roots. He revisits where he came from in his new I Am Def Jam mini-doc. The three-minute clip finds Desiigner reflecting on how much has changed for him. “I always saw myself as being an artist. Being able to create things out, and put things out for people to enjoy and for people to watch, that’s me,” he said.

For Desiigner, being able to afford to get out of his old neighborhood was a very positive occurrence in his life. “I was definitely in a lot of trouble in what I was doing before music. I was in the wrong places, I was in the wrong timing. I got hit, I got shot,” he said. “Music saved me and took me out… It’s rough out there.” Now, he’s trying to come back to his neighborhood and help inspire the youth. “My job is to come back to my community and change, and show that there’s other things to do,” he said.

Finally, the G.O.O.D Music rapper offered up some advice, telling people to “take their time” with their art, have faith and follow their dreams. Love him or hate him, it’s good to see Desiigner have this type of attitude towards his old block, especially after a year of paling around with hip-hop’s elite.



Drew Pierce

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