Premiered during Miami Music Week at the W South Beach’s Music Lounge, Martin Garrix‘s latest video, “Music Lifts You Up,” portrays his efforts to reach out to the deaf community in a way that most dance music acts have yet to accomplish.

Teaming up with 7Up, the Dutch kingpin sought to find ways in which he could create a a more intense sensory experience — one in which his fans could see and feel his music differently. From vibrating platforms to enhanced visual effects, Garrix collaborated with experiential artists to construct a powerful event for an all-deaf audience. Watch above as a handful of fans share their stories on what it’s like being deaf, and how they still manage to enjoy music despite the common misconception that they are incapable of doing so.

“Not too long after [going deaf], I was standing out and there was a live band playing,” says Amanda. I realized that I could feel the bass and that I could feel the drums. And then I realized, ‘I know this song. I can’t hear, but I know this song!’ And we started dancing and everyone around me is dancing; we’re all dancing together. And we go home, and my dad handed me a bag of my CD’s and he said, ‘Don’t give up.’”

[via dancing astronaut]



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