Since 1895, BBC’s summer “Proms” concerts have become a mainstay in the broadcaster’s annual program, occurring every July-September for a two-month series. Held annually in the Royal Albert Hall since the 1990s, the series typically features a palette of seasonally-appropriate classical music, but this year organizers proved their adventurous side in inviting BBC’s forward-thinking Radio 1 to headline their own event.

Daring the unexpected was Radio 1′s choice of Pete Tong to head the takeover event. The electronic music stalwart and 22-year Essential Mix host transformed the Royal Albert Hall into a mini-Ibiza, using the symphony orchestra as his musical accessory as he provided an shortened aural history of the island’s party culture. Spanning over a repertoire which includes heavy figures like Faithless, Robert Miles, and Moby, one of the most interesting and modern renditions of an electronic music piece was of Eric Prydz’ “Pjanoo.”

Not much has changed compared to the original considering Prydz’ version also relies heavily on instrumental elements, but it’s fascinating to watch the track’s central piano progression accentuated by sweeping, precise violins and a jazzy drum sample. The added emphasis on strings adds a groovy twist, throwing in a bit more of a disco vibe to the progressive house production.

[via dancing astronaut]


Eric Prydz – Pjanoo

Drew Pierce

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