The phenomenal Hip-Hop trio that is De La Soul has been nourishing the genre since the late ’80s, and during a recent sit down with VladTV they discussed the ramifications of their successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming album.

A joyful Maseo opens up the convo about the group’s prosperous path with Kickstarter and says, “You know, I told somebody this is the best record deal I ever had.” Soon Trugoy the Dove adds his perspective on how securing funds from Kickstarter dramatically differs from that of a traditional record deal from a label like E1 Music, formerly known as Koch Records.

“Koch is an entity and a corporation, or a company that’s going to invest thinking that they’re going to get a return. Kickstarter is the fan that wants to hear an album from you and doesn’t expect any profit, other than the music. That’s it,” proclaims Dave.

This incredible account from De La Soul also includes other provocative subjects like dispelling the myth that the group is financially strapped, why signing to a major label is akin to slavery, and the beautiful opportunities that a supportive fanbase can offer.



Drew Pierce

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